RemedIoT: Remedial Actions for Internet-of-Things Conflicts [Conference Paper]

NESL Technical Report #: 2019-11-1


Abstract: The increasing complexity and ubiquity of using IoT devices exacerbate the existing programming challenges in smart environments such as smart homes, smart buildings, and smart cities. In particular, enforcing any restrictions for the devices in these programming environments is complicated as new IoT applications may introduce a behavior that conflicts with an existing application in the same smart environment. Although recent works have focused on detecting conflicts for the safety and utility of IoT applications, they usually do not emphasize any means for conflict resolution other than just reporting the conflict to the application user and blocking the conflicting behavior. we proposeRemedIoT, a remedial action1framework for resolving Internet-of-Things conflicts.TheRemedIoTframework uses state of the art techniques to detect if a conflict exists in a given set of distributed IoT applications with respect to a set of policies, i.e., rules that define the allowable and restricted state-space transitions of devices. For each identified conflict, RemedIoT will suggest a set of remedial actions to the user by leveragingRemedIoT’s programming abstractions. These programming abstractions enable different realizations of an IoT module while safely providing the same level of utility, e.g., if a smart fan application that is used to implement a cooling module conflicts with a CO2 monitor application, a non-conflicting HVAC application would be suggested to the user. We evaluateRemedIoTon Samsung SmartThings applications and IFTTT applets and show that for 102 detected conflicts across 74 sample applications with 11policies, RemedIoT is able to remediate∼80%of the conflicts that would normally be blocked by prior solutions. We further demonstrate the efficacy and scalability of our approach for smart city environments.

Publication Forum: BuildSys 2019

Date: 2019-10-14

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Document category: Conference Paper

Primary Research Area: Sensor and Actuator Networks