Jason R. Tsao [Alum]

Lab: 1762 Boelter Hall
UCLA Main Campus

EE Department
420 Westwood Plaza
MC# 951594
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1594
ATTN: 56-125KK, EEIV
C/O: Fe Asuncion


Fax [work]:


  • BS in Electrical Engineering (Computer Engineering Option), UCLA, 2011.
  • MS in Electrical Engineering (Circuits & Embedded Systems), UCLA, 2013.
    (done at NESL)

Experience: TigerText Web Developer Intern

  • Coded a complete frontend and backend for Dropbox integration into the TigerText texting application using jquery mobile, html, css, and node.js.
  • Wrote backend server code for new TigerText Pro website messaging system (based on XMPP) and user management settings, and debugged/tested previous TigerText Pro website.

    Teradata Software Developer Intern
  • Worked in the File Systems group and implemented features for a utility that provides a way for trained personnel to diagnose and correct file system problems. Also, modified another utility to function on Windows and Linux.
  • Programmed in C and gained experience with cross-platform software, inter-process communication, parallel processing, and file system architecture.

    Efficis Engineering Software Developer Intern
  • Developed two animation sequences using C++ and Flash with Actionscript to help visualize an innovative one lane light-rail system design.

    Research Interests: NESL

  • Programmed in Python and C to implement the Apriori Algorithm, which is conventionally used for data mining, now adapted to debug hardware. Used git, test-driven development, and Eclipse in linux environment.
  • Programmed an array of Micaz motes running TinyOS using Python and nesC to create an interface to change the color of RGB LED’s based on power consumption.
  • Used HTML5 Websockets, Javascript, nesC, and Python to stream real-time data from the Micaz motes to a website so that activity can always be monitored.
  • Used Django, Highcharts, and MongoDB to create a website that visualizes CPU, RAM, and SSD power data when running user-submitted executables.
  • All code is available in public repositories at www.github.com/jtsao22.

    Recent Publications:

    • LabSense: An Extensible and Easily Configurable Energy Monitoring System
      Jason R. Tsao.
      MS Project Report, UCLA Electrical Engineering Department, March 2013. [ Details ]
    • LabSense: Energy Monitoring in the Browser
      Jason R. Tsao.
      UCLA EE Department, EE209AS Course Project, June 2012. [ Details ]