Project: iBadge

Name: iBadge

TItle: iBadge Wearable Sensor Badge for the Smart Kindergarten

Description: The iBadge is one of the crucial components in the Smart Kindergarten project. It is equipped with sensors such as microphone, localization sensor and temperature sensor. Kids and the teachers are supposed to wear the iBadge. The iBadge is not only a collection of sensors; it possesses enough computational power to process the sensed data. Two processors, Atmel ATMEGA and TI DSP C5416, share the workload according to their computational ability. The DSP processes the computational more expensive speech data and the magnetic sensor data, whereas ATMEGA is interfaced to sensors with simpler data structure and the Bluetooth module. The Bluetooth module provides the wireless connection to the rest of the infrastructure, to which all the collected and processed data is sent.

Status: Inactive Project

Main Research Area: Pervasive Computing


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