Project: GALORE


TItle: Globally Ad-hoc LOcally REgular Systems

Description: One of the challenges facing the system design is scalability. Centralized approaches fail due to latency (particularly for control based applications) and energy (determines the lifetime of the system). This forces us into a space where processing is co-located with sensing and the individual nodes are resource constrained. Such systems would have low-latency and be able to adapt to the environment. In this scenario, the GALORE project seeks to explore the hybrid space combining engineered subsystems and ad hoc global system structure. (GALOREĀ  Globally Ad-hoc LOcally REgular). The focus is on localized approaches that do not rely on global knowledge or co-ordination. The motivating application for such a system is the unsupervised detection of the events of interest.

Status: Inactive Project

Main Research Area: Sensor and Actuator Networks



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